Reprinted from Kodoom on 03/22/2013. Click here to see original piece.

Great Ways to Introduce Children to Iranian Culture

It is not easy to produce cultural products which are "profitable" but it is even more challenging if you are making a cultural product for the relatively small number of Iranians in diaspora.

Out of pure love for the culture of their motherland, a few Iranians have spent a lot of time and money to develop products (DVDs, books, Apps, wraps) with professional quality, about Norooz and other aspects of Iranian culture.

At, Shabnam Rezaei, believes every kid can be a world citizen, through learning about different cultures. Her mission is to provide parents safe "cultural" tools to introduce their kids to Iranian culture and language, as well as 11 other cultures and languages.

Iranian-American artists Mehrzad and Shahrzad Karimabadi have created ‘Shireen & Nousheen’ children’s book series to provide English-speaking children around the world a taste of Persian culture through their series of illustrated books.? You can support the Karimabadi sisters by buying their professional-quality products on their site

Kaveh, another Iranian-American entrepreneur, has developed the first decorative Nowruz egg wraps for children. For less than $8, Magic Nowruz Egg wraps are easy-to-apply labels created for every child's taste, from old traditional look to fun and playfulness.

One of the best simple Iran-related multilingual applications for children ages 3 to 9 (on iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle) are developed by AppTalia, the US-based company founded by Rashin Taheri. AppTalia offers fun and educational apps designed to provide answers to kids' questions in their early childhood development. For example with Norooz app, children learn about Iranian culture (Norooz, 13-bedar, etc.) in a colorful interactive way. To see AppTalia's products, visit their website at

There is only one way these entrepreneurs who love Iranian culture can survive and continue independently and without government support: If you buy or recommend their products or give them feedback.