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Arabian Nights Animation News

1001 Nights is the next hit from Big Bad Boo Studios, founded and operated by native Vancouverites Aly Jetha and Shabnam Rezaei. The animated series is a hilarious compilation of short stories derived from the legendary 1001 Arabian Nights, bringing a familiar and personalized touch to an otherwise legendary chronicle of mythical tales. Production on the first season of 1001 Nights continues as TV networks pick up the title for broadcast in key eastern viewing territories. The men and women of Big Bad Boo Studios, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, are a talented bunch, and appear to have hit the mark while closing in on only their fourth year in business.

Big Bad Boo's work is unapologetically ethnic and passionately multicultural. Their work is also free of didactic and hyper-moralized banter. Big Bad Boo's productions make prescient use of funny and relatable characters to evoke the sense of wonder, adventure, comedy, and curiosity at the heart of a memorable social interaction.

In 1001 Nights, this is definitely the case. Shahrzad is a storyteller, and in each episode, folks from all walks of life listen to the tales she weaves. Genies, pirates, explorers, thieves, and hunchbacks -- they all have a story or two, or three or four. 1001 Nights offers viewers a bit of culture by way of humorous parable and excitable sear-fearing adventure, by way of fishermen's tale and centuries-old soothsaying.

Now, 1001 Nights earns a spot in the homes of viewers in key south Asian territories -- India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and several others. Hosting the cartoon will be the Disney Channel's area networks.

The series will reportedly reach more than seventy million households through this new distribution agreement, in five different languages.

"We are so excited to be in the Indian territories with the Disney Channel," Aly Jetha, series co-creator, commented on the cartoon's new reach. "Disney is a high quality station with the highest number of viewers in the region. 1001 Nights is airing in the family hour, following comedy shows in the same 6-12 age group like Phineas and Ferb.

"We are excited to roll out comic books and other merchandising with the show because characters like Shahrzad, Sinbad, Aladdin, and the Hunchback are memorable and will keep the kids coming back for more," Rezaei added.

The rise of Big Bad Boo Studios' 1001 Nights certainly wasn't without notice. The animated television series was recorded as one of the top ten most-requested programs at both the MIP Junior 2009 and MIP Junior 2010 animation industry/screening events. The program's second season, another order of twenty-six eleven-minute episodes, is currently in pre-production.